Verily Anderson (1915-2010)

British author who led a somewhat eccentric life which could have itself featured in the pages of a novel Her exploits included working as a chauffeur, designing toffee papers, getting court-martialled from the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry for backing a truck into a gatepost and then deserting to get married, creating her own 'home made' Brownies pack using curtains and old reins for uniforms, and running a madcap holiday home for children whose parents were abroad.

Her writing career began with the publication of a memoir of her life bringing up children in the war years, more books in the same vein were to follow, one being made into the film
No Kidding starring Leslie Thomas and Geraldine McEwan, and all being widely used in latter day research into family life during the war years. Over the years she wrote a variety of other books including children's novels and biographies.

Using her experiences as a Brownie leader she wrote a series of books about the adventures of a Brownie troop, which were apparently (and hilariously) considered 'too exciting' for Brownies by the Girl Guide Association! This series featured her one pony book, about a Brownie who longs for a pony of her own.

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Pony Books:

SUMMARY: Part of a longer non-pony series about the various exploits of a Brownie pack. In this story horse-mad Brownie Joey makes her own toy ponies and stables for her toymaker's badge but longs for the real thing. When she makes friends with another Brownie named Tulip it seems her wishes may soon come true….
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Not a particularly common title, though not usually too expensive. It seems very hard to find in the USA.